AYPAD Engage Secondary Schools Debating Contest in Freetown

Ibrahim Karim, Journalist.

On Friday, August 30th 2019, AYPAD-SL engaged Senior Secondary Schools in Debating and talent completion. In a  bid to support the free quality education in Sierra Leone, Africa Youth For Peace and Development(AYPAD), has engaged in youth empowerment for senior secondary schools in Freetown. Speaking to this News watch, the National Coordinator of Africa Youth For Peace and Development, Mr Michael S. Sesay said that their Organisation is highly focused on youth-serving empowerment and ensuring peace and development in vulnerable communities in the country. He said that the origination has trained a lot of teachers across the country, adding that this year’s program will cater for eight deistic and ten chiefdoms. And there is seventeen SDGs Model goals outline, for seventeen schools to discuss on nationwide. One of the debaters, Abdulia Raham A. Sesay of Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Secondary Schools, discussed on the impact of goal fifteen, “Life on Land,” he further said that the deforestation of trees are the major courses of flowing and erosion over the year in Freetown and it’s environs. And the government should formulate strong laws and policies coupled with better provisions for inhabitants. Keifala Kamara of Government Model Secondary schools talk on goal eleven “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” he said the government should prove energy and water supply, food security for all.Meanwhile, Amie Kamara of Vine Moral Secondary Schools spoke on goal four “Quality Education”, she says quality education highly focus on teachers because they are the powerhouse of their success, Amie further said that the government should embark on civic education and meddle manpower. And government stakeholders should embrace the girl education. In his statement, Saffa K. Asusmana, Senior Teacher of Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Secondary Schools, said that the pupils were impressive and composed though there are endless challenges due to improper preparations. He assumed AYPAD and pupils from various schools that they should grab this opportunity in good fate. In another development, Mr. Andrew J. Massaquio, Senior Teacher of St. Edwards Secondary Schools, Kingtom told this medium that the government should partner with AYPAD because their flagship program is quality education for all, adding that the pupils were worthy and credible base on their performance during the debate. In summary, the Public Relations Officer of Africa Youth For Peace and Development, Mr Samuel  M. Sambo reaffirmed that the project would capture all sixteen districts in the country, and it will showcase more talents in future.

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